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How to Calm a Panic Attack

Before we dive into panic attacks, I want to share a resource that will provide you with some encouragement on your journey to freedom from anxiety.

I had the opportunity to share my testimony and all about Fearless Women with the Livin’ Lively with Laine Podcast with Laine Lawson Craft. This podcast opens real-life conversations that offer sound spiritual solutions so that you can live lively too! No one gets through this life without hurt, and you can find healing and inspiration on the podcast so that you are free, whole, and healed! Listen to the podcast now.

Also, I will be joining Laine on her FB Live; we would love for you to join us. It is at 7 pm CT on Thursday, May 12th. Please join the conversation LIVE with us right here.

Many will find hope and inspiration and how to overcome anxiety through this Livin’ Lively with Laine Podcast. Please share it with your friends too!

P.S. Please listen here to my inspirational interview.


The beast of panic and anxiety.

Panic attacks are hell on wheels. For anyone that has experienced one, I’m so sorry. In my lifetime, I have probably had over a hundred of them. In this blog post, I want to share with you how to calm a panic attack. A lot of my tips and tricks come from a faith background. If you are not a follower of Jesus, I still believe you can benefit from my experience in this subject.


Understanding Panic Attacks

I had something called severe panic and anxiety disorder. I experienced sudden panic attacks that left me feeling terrified when no real danger appeared present. It was very common for me to feel completely out of control. It's important to note that not all attacks are created equal. Below is a list of all the symptoms I have felt during a panic attack. In my research, these symptoms appeared in other people as well. In milder spells, I would only experience a few of these symptoms. In more aggressive attacks that would come and go for weeks, I could experience all of them:

  • Fast or irregular heartbeat

  • Chest tightness and heaviness (a load of bricks on your chest)

  • Upset stomach and nausea

  • Diarrhea

  • Shortness of breath

  • Weakness or dizziness

  • Feeling hot or a cold chill

  • Tingly or numb limbs, especially in arms and hands

  • Hives or itchy spots on the skin

  • Hair loss

  • Tension headaches

  • Clenched or sore jaw

  • Severe insomnia

  • Racing uncontrollable thoughts

  • Thoughts of ending my life

Medical professionals say panic attacks don't last long. That's true, but each one leaves a forever imprint on your soul.


What to do When a Panic Attack Happens

Call on your inner circle for prayer and support. Keeping a panic attack hidden in my experience causes more panic.

Pray! When you’re feeling intense panic often, it’s hard to think. That is why I have a prayer locked and loaded on my phone.

Lord, you numbered every hair on my head. Being all knowing, you are not shocked that my body is erupting with panic. Speak peace to me. Please reveal why I’m having this attack and give me courage to surrender to your will. I know I am not in control and that you are. Help me loosen my grip and trust your mighty hands of power. I trust you, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

Remind yourself that this will not last forever. Say it out loud. I promise it helps.

Get moving. When panic sets in, the fetal position seems like the best option. When I take a walk while practicing deep breathing, I have found that the attack passes more quickly than if I stay in my room alone. Bonus points—walk, take deep breaths and listen to worship music. Here is my Fearless playlist.

What I mean by deep breathing is taking a five-second breath in, holding it for three seconds, and then breathing out for ten seconds. If deep breathing on your own does not work, getting in front of an attic fan could be helpful. I find the forceful air helps me focus on my breathing better.

You can remember it like this. CPR MB






WebMD has a similar article that I wanted to link you to if you would like a more clinical approach to overcoming a panic attack: Ways to Stop a Panic Attack.

I think you will find my approach has many similarities; I simply invite Jesus into the presence of my panic.


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