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Are you headed towards a breakdown?

This book is for the person who struggles with:

  • Relentless anxiety

  • Unexpected panic and fear

  • Control issues

  • Missing out on life due to anxiety

  • Struggling to value a Godly view of success over a worldly view

  • Snowballing anxious thoughts 

  • Fears around health or death

  • Isolation from family and friends because they don’t understand your struggle

  • Sleeplessness

  • What does God say about medication for mental health

  • Condemnation from Christians: “Your faith is not strong enough because you have fears”

  • How to recognize the warning signs of fear and anxiety

  • How to fully surrender to God when fear is all you feel

  • Trust Issues with God

Book Releasing Spring 2023

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Peace is possible, but is it probable when we continue the same patterns of living?

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It's time for a breakthrough!

Our world is raging with fear and anxiety—a weight we carry, producing deep physical consequences. We hustle hard and strive a little more each day, our priorities mismatched with our Savior’s—struggling to surrender our lives to His will. We believe our superwoman tendencies are sexy and alluring when they are really damaging and alarming. What will it take to rock the boat enough to awaken our souls? A total nervous breakdown?


A diagnosis of severe panic and anxiety disorder answered that question for Christy Boulware. Her fast-paced, highly driven, mis-prioritized life finally caught up with her, resulting in a nervous breakdown. How did she go from superwoman to staring at guns on her bedroom floor? Through her own journey to recovery, Christy learned the steps to overcome fear and anxiety in a world that feeds it. Whether you’re on the verge of a breakdown, in the middle of one, or wondering if you’re headed toward one—this book will show you how a breakdown can lead to a breakthrough. We have wasted enough time living in fear, let’s start living in freedom!

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Are you exhausted from chasing worldly success, but never finding lasting fulfillment?

This book will empower readers to

  • Lay down superwoman tendencies and discover how to fully surrender to a trustworthy God.

  • Stop anxiety before it starts by recognizing its smoke alarms.

  • Recognize ungodly thoughts and replace them before they snowball out of control.

  • Learn why the presence of fear does not mean your faith is weak.

  • Discover where science complements God’s Word to achieve a balanced approach for overcoming anxiety.

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