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Hi, I'm Christy

Speaker, Author, Founder & President of Fearless Unite

In 2011 I experienced something I pray you never have to walk through; severe panic and anxiety disorder.


During my struggle, I learned my superwoman tendencies and constant striving for worldly success made me powerless to combat the beast of panic and anxiety. My superwoman cape strangled me. 

Medical professionals say panic attacks don't last long. That's true, but each one leaves a forever imprint on your soul, especially if you're enduring what seems like a never-ending cycle.

Learning to stop panic and anxiety has taken years of practice and discipline, but now I know it is possible. I’m living proof of it. I’m happy to report my panic attacks are few and far between. The label of severe panic and anxiety disorder is now in the past.

My passion is to help you overcome anxiety too!

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My Life

Something important to know about me is the deep love I have for my family. When it comes to pursuing my passions, Troy is the most supportive and loving husband.


God has blessed us with three beautiful children. Watching them grow and see their own identities in Christ is the highlight of my life. I'm so grateful to be their mom through the fun and challenging times.  


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Anxiety Tips

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