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Easter Rabbits

I walked through the mall this past weekend. I saw a huge crowd. I couldn't figure out why, and then I saw the beloved Easter Bunny.

You may be way smarter than me, but I have never studied why we idolize and hype up the Easter Bunny and his easter eggs.

I have some interesting thoughts on the Easter Bunny.

Please don’t be offended by my choice of words. I’m guilty of idolizing many things in my life. An idol becomes an idol by greatly admiring, revering, or respecting something over God himself. I’m convicted just as I write.

There he was, the fluffy, cute Easter Bunny that parents were waiting to snap a picture with while their precious children sat on his poofy lap.

Isn’t it funny how many things we do just out of tradition or because other people do them?

Did you know what the Easter Bunny represents? A sign of new life.

Spring is also a sign of new life.

Nothing in my life has symbolized new beginnings more than Jesus Christ. I have literally seen addictions broken, marriages restored, suicidal thoughts destroyed, bodies healed, and fear removed, and that’s just a small list of the miracles I have watched unfold with my own two eyes. The Easter Bunny can’t and won’t do that for you. Only Jesus can. Are you going to church this Easter? I would love to help you find a healthy church so you can thrive. Email me back if you need prayer to find a healthy church. I would love to pray for you.

I also invite you to spend a little time with me weekly. Please check out Fearless Tips and Talks. It’s a new podcast that helps you overcome fear and anxiety in a world that feeds it.

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