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Build Faith

Here is the number one way I build my faith.

Get into the Word of God. Walk this out with me.

We have a special plant in the cabin at our farm from the loss of my father-in-law. Our family skipped watering it for almost two months. Unfortunately, the plant looked extremely floppy and weak.

I watered it and opened the curtains so it could get some sunlight. Within one day, it bounced back and was looking healthy again.

The Word of God is the living water and light you need to survive. We need it daily to thrive and be strong. I can tell a big difference mentally, physically, and emotionally when I am not watering myself with God's Word.

What I suggest might seem so elementary, but do you have a Bible? Are you reading it? Does it make sense to you?

If you don't have a Bible, stop everything you're doing right now and buy one. I use several Bibles, but my favorite is the NLT Parallel Study Bible, TuTone (linked to Amazon so you can get it). It has many commentary applications I can use to help me understand more clearly what I'm learning.

I understand that it can feel intimidating, but my suggestion for taking in the Word of God when it is overwhelming is to start small. Check out the verses about fear and anxiety that we share on the Fearless social media pages and dig in, learn what that verse means in your life, memorize it, and live it out. You can also follow along with a Bible study or devotional, like these, that will offer you a guide to navigating God's Word.

We should desire to live well-watered. Think about it; your plants can survive for some time without the necessary nutrients. However, they will begin to wilt, and eventually, they will no longer be able to survive. Yet, like them, when we receive the sustenance needed, we survive and thrive.

So, friend, I challenge you. Open your Bible today, or open your phone a grab a Bible. Whether it's been days, weeks, or years, the Word of God is never changing and is waiting to fill you up.

With love,

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