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Adrenaline Rush

I received a call that Troy, my husband, had been in a car accident. Panic consumed me. An adrenaline rush flooded my veins. My thoughts were racing. I began to pray. I walked the softball field where my daughter’s game was, aimlessly trying to figure out what to do. I prayed some more. I got the wild idea to call Troy’s cell phone. He answered! Praise Jesus. I could hear his voice. His mangled-up car was wedged under the median cables. He waited in his car for the police to arrive.

A young man was racing and weaving in and out of traffic on a major highway. Witnesses say he was driving around 100mph. Upon impact, Troy’s backside was crushed and shoved through the fast lane and into the median.

By the grace of God, Troy and the driver were unharmed.

It’s moments like this where you can’t help but praise God. I envision the army of God’s angels wrapping Troy up in a bubble, protecting him during the crash. When we get to heaven, I would love to ask God for the replay of the crash.



My lips could not stop saying, “Thank you, God,” all night.

Friends, God is good and always working, even when you can’t see it.

My encouragement for your anxious heart today is to look for the good. Praise Him for His faithfulness, and remember the times He has shown up for you because He won’t stop. This mindset alone helps bring peace.


Friend, I know it can be challenging to look for the good and praise the Lord on all occasions. I and grateful that I have some beautiful Godly friendships that keep me anchored and remind me of His constant goodness.

I want you to create and nurture the live-giving friendships in your life. This is why I joined together with some of my dearest friends to create Fearless Friendships. Check out the preview video of this content above! This seven-week study will help us learn how to depend on Jesus as our best friend, which will, in turn, make us healthier friends and choose better friends.

We have five great groups to choose from, with in-person and online options available. Sign up for Fearless Friendships here!

With love,

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