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Prayer for sleep and anxiety

Today I wanted to share a few different prayers you can pray when you can't sleep and you are feeling anxious. Print these out and put them by your bedside.

God of peace and rest

You are the God who gives us peace in the midst of our busy lives. You are the God who gives us rest for our weary souls. You are a refuge from stress, anxiety, fear and worry. Come to me now and grant me this peace and rest so I can sleep more soundly tonight. Amen.

Another prayer

God, please help me feel your loving presence, Lord. Guide me and protect me from the evil one. Help me feel safe and secure in all circumstances of life. Comfort me with your love and peace as I go through this difficult time in my life. Help me have sweet sleep as I trust in your perfect plan for my life.

I hope this helps!

I hope these prayers help you to sleep and relax. If it didn’t, consider having someone read these prayers out loud over you.

Another place you can get prayer is at our Rescue Retreat coming up in Sept. Find out all the details here.

Much love to you all,

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