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God has not given us a spirit of fear

Not too long ago, I was preparing for a medical procedure. In full disclosure, medical things freak me out. So, I found myself anxious for many reasons. The anesthesiology, results of the tests, and if the doctors and staff would be gracious to me. With anxiety high, I went into my closet to pray. FYI- a closet is an unexpected yet wonderful place to shut yourself out from the world, especially if you have children. While praying, I asked God why I was scared and to take the fear away from me. I heard him whisper to my heart, "my child, I don't dangle suffering over my children."

Then it hit me! "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)

Wow! God does not scare his children. God does not dangle suffering, torment, fear, worry, or anxiety over his children. What kind of good father would do that?

God does not operate in fear. He operates in peace.

If what you are thinking causes you fear, it's not from God. It's that simple.

If something scary is going to happen to you, God will provide the grace, strength, comfort, and peace to get you through it. He doesn't need the spirit of fear to warn you.

So, what scary thoughts do you have right now?

Now, as you take those thoughts captive, remember these two things;

  1. Recognize that God does not operate using the spirit of fear to get your attention.

  2. When you do feel fear, bring it to Jesus and ask Him to speak truth to your fears.

Are you brave enough to tell me your fears? I would love to send you a document to help you with that!

As you begin to identify your fears, many more may become present. Our thoughts can snowball, and that snowball often leads to a total nervous breakdown if you don't have the right tools to stop it. But don't worry. Whether you're on the verge of a breakdown, in the middle of one, or wondering if you're headed toward one — the Fearless Breakthrough Retreat will show you how a breakdown can lead to a breakthrough.

This retreat is the perfect way to get out in front of your fears and step away from everyday life. You will join hand in hand with the Fearless team as we share teachings and give you time to sit with the Lord as He transforms your fears into faith. Check out all the details here and register to join us.

With love,

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