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Spiritual Self Care

This blog post is simple and practical.

Here are my top 10 Spiritual Self Care tips (not in order).

  1. Protect my morning routine.

  2. Protect my bed time routine.

  3. Get 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

  4. Don't overbook my schedule.

  5. Eat a Paleo diet (I have cheat days for sure).

  6. Keep one day a week reserved for not working and delighting in the Lord, known as Sabbath.

  7. Read- something that fills my soul.

  8. Make time for husband, kids and friendship dates.

  9. Get to church.

  10. Journal and pray.


Now I want to break these soul care habits down for you.

Protect my morning routine

I allow myself extra time for reading my Bible and time with God every morning. When I don't make this a priority, I can feel a difference in my day. Another tip is I try not to look at my phone until I have enjoyed my time with God.


Protect my bed time routine

We put our kids to bed and always pray over them as we do. Then I put my phone to bed. It goes in an area out of reach so I'm not tempted to look at it while laying in bed.


Get 30 minutes of exercise per day

I try to walk almost every day. Sometimes I will jog or do a more strenuous workout. Walking often breaks up my workday and refreshes my soul.


Don't overbook my schedule

I do not do well with back-to-back meetings and constant appointments. I always say ministry takes margin, and loving people well takes margin. I try and have at least 20% of my day free. That gives me time to catch my breath, pray, and put in quality work. It also leaves me open to love people well. If your day is 100%, booked you will get overwhelmed quickly when a curveball is thrown at you.


Eat a paleo diet

Anxiety suffers need to understand the importance of eating a healthy diet. Sugar and processed carbs contribute to inflammation in the brain, which can lead to anxiety. I have chosen a mostly paleo diet due to having an autoimmune disorder. Here is a list of my favorite Amazon foods



To the best of my ability, one day a week, I rest from all work. Tip: Sabbath doesn't always have to be on Sunday. I also try to take off from social media that day.



Reading calms my soul. It also equips me.

The two books I'm reading right now are Love Into Light Find Your People



You prioritize what you plan. I try to go on a date with my husband and dear friends once a month. Then, I try to do something individually with one kid a month. This time is so important to my soul care.


Get to Church

Church is the pick me up I need. Without it, I would be running on fumes.


Journal and Pray

I do what is called a thought dump pretty regularly. This is where I get out what is bothering me and take it to God.

My favorite prayer journal right now is on Amazon.


I hope my self care tips inspire you to try a few for yourself or, even better, to learn what spiritual self care routines work best for your life. I want to allow you an opportunity to make soul care a priority in your life.

On May 17th at 7 pm, Fearless Women is hosting a free in-person and online event! Our Anxiety Answers event is for anyone who wants help overcoming anxiety. Registration is open now, and you can save your seat for a night of soul care at

I'm excited for you to make your mental and spiritual health a priority in your life!

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