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I don't want to be anxious

Your breath is short, your body is a ball of nervousness, your thoughts are bouncing off the walls, and your sleep is restless. You think, "I don't want to be anxious!"

I feel you! I can't tell you how many times I have thought that myself.

I hate feeling anxious. It's honestly one of the worst feelings in the world. Do you know why? Because it's not what God wants for you. He tells us repeatedly in scripture, do not be afraid, don't worry, don't stress, because all those things lead to anxiety.

Over the past several months, I have been preparing for a huge life change, health concerns, and different workload expectations. When it rains, it pours. It seems like it just all gets piled on at once.

You know this feeling where everything feels overwhelming, and if one more thing happens, you will boil over.

We don't live with enough margin in our lives. The more we have to do, the more time we need to spend with Jesus. If you fill your calendar, please make sure you start and end and walk with Jesus throughout the day. You can't afford to avoid Jesus when you are busy. The more connected to the vine you are with Him, the more peace you will have.

Here are three simple things you can do to connect with Jesus throughout the day.

  1. When you get out of bed, train yourself to thank God. Let your first breath be an attitude of gratitude.

  2. Pray during car rides. Turn off the music and communicate with God.

  3. When your day ends, journal how it went. What went well, what could have been better, and what worries you? Bring God into the end of your day.

Here is a prayer for your anxiety.

Lord, help my friend breathe in your peace and exhale anxiety. Remind them they don't have to fear because you are always beside them. Give them the courage and strength to keep fighting the good fight of faith. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Things you can do to help fight anxiety.

Get involved with Fearless Unite. I want to invite you to several upcoming events. Check them out here:

If this helped you, please share it with a friend. Please forward this email to a friend or text TIPS to (314) 742-9051 to make sure you get notified every time I send out anxiety tips.

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