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Family Meeting

Today I wanted to share with you something our family has started doing that has brought great peace and joy into our week.

It’s called “Family Meeting.”

Usually, after church, our family meeting takes place on Sunday afternoon or early evening.

Here is what we do.

  1. My husband teaches the kids a quick life skill. The skill usually comes from ALL PRO DAD. This past Sunday, we went over how to have good manners. (check out this quick reel, it explains what we went over, it's so good!)

  2. Then we discuss what we learned in church.

  3. Next, we go over our week's calendar. Let’s be honest, schedules can be crazy, and Troy and I have found that when we bring our kids into the calendar, there is way less stress and chaos. Plus, it puts Troy and me on the same page on who is taking who to the kid's events OR if we need to call on one of our friends for help to get the kids back and forth. This step alone has saved our family so much stress!

  4. Then, we have, "share time". Share time is when they have a chance to tell us about something that might be bothering them or something they need from us. Also, it’s our chance as parents to let them know things we need help with. Like, we notice the dog is not getting walked; we need you all to step up on that. Or, the dishes are left in the sink and need to go into the dishwasher—that type of communication.

  5. Lastly, we huddle up and pray over our week.

All and all, our family meeting takes about 30 minutes. If you are struggling with chaos and stress in your family life, try instituting a family meeting once a week. You will be so glad you did!

Do you need to de-stress?

This is almost our last call to invite you to our Rescue Retreat. It's coming up in a little over two weeks and we have about 4 spots left! Email me back if you are interested or check it out here.

Sharing is Caring If you find this information helpful. Please forward this email to a friend or text TIPS to (314) 742-9051 to make sure you get notified every time I send out anxiety tips.

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