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You can overcome fear and anxiety.

Meet Christy

Speaker, Author, Founder & President of Fearless Unite

I am first a passionate follower of Christ, wife to a hunky man named Troy, and mom of three beautiful children.


I am a women's ministry leader and female Christian author with a deep desire to set as many free from the chains of fear and anxiety as possible. I founded and led the not-for-profit organization Fearless Unite (formally Fearless Women). Through conferences, retreats, Bible studies, devotionals, and a depression & anxiety blog, I dream of drastically decreasing the alarming statistics of fear and anxiety in our world.

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Where it all started

Fearless began at the time I was most broken. In a desire to share my story, I realized I was not alone.


Through our events, studies, retreats, and online resources, Fearless exists to help you find freedom from fear and anxiety in a world that feeds it.

God has blessed, gifted, and anointed Christy to share the good news of Jesus Christ. I have witnessed others and personally experienced healing through Christy's gift of speaking. She shares her vulnerable testimony of overcoming severe panic and anxiety, forever pointing others back to Jesus. God used my first experience watching this zealous woman as she spoke passionately of His son and how He delivered her from this bondage. By the end of the conference, I was gripped by the Holy Spirit and found myself weeping joyfully at the edge of the stage. Along with many others, I received salvation that day. I began my radical transformation as a passionate child of God and follower of Jesus Christ.

- Natasha Williams
Fearless Friend

I am honored to call Christy a friend. She is a doer of the Word. I admire her courage to boldly teach and lead women. She leads with love and authenticity.

-Leslee Holliday
Ministry Leader 

Christy's struggles and experience with depression and anxiety have proven invaluable for so many people. What the enemy meant to harm and destroy her, she placed in God's hands, and He has used it for her good and for my good, and for the good of countless others. Her teaching style is like a direct hit. She doesn't mince words, and she doesn't waste time. She goes straight to the heart of the matter and holds the room's attention or the reader. Her delivery creates a level of trust to accept what she presents as truth and encourages the listener to have the confidence to give it a try. I love to share Christy's words with others, too. She is able to mix her own life situations with God's Word, and what is produced is the fruit of freedom to be imperfect. Christy fearlessly shares God's love and acceptance without pretense. She walks in an anointing and courage that comes only from time spent at the feet of Jesus. 

- Melissa Valencia
Ministry Leader 

Nervous Breakthrough

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Our world is raging with fear and anxiety—a weight we carry, producing deep physical consequences. We hustle hard and strive a little more each day, our priorities mismatched with our Savior’s—struggling to surrender our lives to His will. We believe our superwoman tendencies are sexy and alluring when they are really damaging and alarming. What will it take to rock the boat enough to awaken our souls? A total nervous breakdown?

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Get Encouraged

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